Robert Hendriksen: My Voluntarily Exposure as a Webslut

4 years ago
I'm Robert Hendriksen, it's my fetish to share my slut body and personal details online. I've done this for a few years now and i just keep on loving it! You can verify me (well, the vid is verification already…) on "", a website where only verified websluts are allowed to show themselves. I am uploading this anonymously on purpose, so it gets out there beyond my control (although i would never delete it, i would still have the option, which is a turn off). Please share me around, make me a famous webslut, this will help me evolve into an even more perverted and shameless webslut, it is an ongoing process! IN THIS VID I: SHOW MYSELF NAKED, SHOW MY ID CARD & A WRITTEN SIGN WITH ALL PERSONAL DETAILS, FUCK MY ASSHOLE, MASTURBATE, SQUIRT MY CUM ALL OVER MY ID CARD! I also inserted lots of my exposure pics in the left of the vid.